Our Story

From the shores of the eastern seaboard to the majestic mountains of Montana, Mulberry Street Candles embarks on a new American journey. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of coastal beaches and parks, our roots have now found solace in the town of Eureka, nestled amidst pine forests and crystal clear glacier lakes.

As we embrace this fresh chapter, nature's bountiful wildlife and the pristine wonders of Montana add a rich new layer to our mission. We strive to create candles that not only ignite warmth and ambiance but also reflect our commitment to sustainability. With 100% soy wax grown in the USA, natural and renewable hemp wicks handcrafted in the USA, and non-toxic fragrances and essential oils meticulously blended on American soil, our candles bear the mark of true American craftsmanship.

In our pursuit of a cleaner future, we continue to use our classic mason jar and added a cork lid, both sourced in the USA, ensuring the smallest possible carbon footprint. Each flame that flickers within these vessels carries the essence of American ingenuity and passion.

Join us on this journey as we craft candles that evoke the beauty of our nation, illuminating your space with the warmth and authenticity of true American heritage.